Lesson 1: Administrator login tutorial

In this video we show you how to login to the Joomla 3 content management system. For all Joomla systems, even prior to version 3, the default address to login to the administrator area is at www.example.com/administrator where example.com is your own domain name. So for any Joomla system you simply need to add /administrator to the end of your website address to see the administrator login screen. If your Joomla website is installed in a subfolder of your domain, for example at www.example.com/joomla then you add /administrator to this, making the link www.example.com/joomla/administrator

Once you have accessed this login area, you can login with the credentials you set when installing Joomla or the credentials supplied to you by your web developer.

If you've navigated to this area and you don't see the Joomla administrator login screen then your setup is likely to have an extra layer of security added to it so you should ask your web developer where to log in. If you need help with identifying where your Joomla administrator login area is, or you're having any errors or problems with Joomla logins - get in touch with the Joomla Expert.

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